Information Technology

MVP's technology team provides an array of services and tools both internally to our own staff and externally to our valued clients. Our tools allow a high level of mobility, flexibility and security. When the needs arise to serve our clients through technology, MVP delivers every time.

Technology and Litigation Support Team

Our litigation support team is available to assist during trials, decrypt information for cases, and provide other technological assistance. They provide support when clients provide images, videos, and secured documents. They interact with clients regarding the protection of their confidential data, and keeping it secure.

The firm continues to innovate and incorporate technologically advanced software, equipment, and resources to efficiently run the firm. MVP aggressively invests in cutting edge technology, creating significant efficiencies for the firm, which is then passed on to the client. Virtualization, digital dictation, VOIP telephone system, paperless work flows, e-Billing, iPhones and iPads improve the accessibility of our attorneys resulting in better client communications.

Technology creates efficiency but also increases the accessibility of our attorneys by clients. MVP prides itself on timely and comprehensive communication with all its clients. All attorneys are accessible by iPhones and we make every effort to return calls within 24 hours. Our approach is to communicate through whatever means is most effective for our clients.

MVP utilizes an electronic work flow through practice management software. All records pertaining to a matter are linked electronically to the client’s matter. This includes all documents, records, emails and correspondence. This all in one system creates a great deal of efficiency with regard to document construction, matter and contact management, time and billing and centralized calendaring. Digital records are easily shared with clients for purposes of collaboration or audits. This solution also provides the opportunity for remote access by attorneys and teams.

Service Areas