MVP's Billing Team works together to provide our clients with their legal bills. MVP has the capabilities, experience, and the resources to submit bills via email or a third party billing software.  We currently uploads thousands of bills per month to the following legal websites:

  • Advocator Systems 
  • Allegient Systems 
  • Bottomline Technologies (Legal X) 
  • Claim Intelligence 
  • CounselLink 
  • Datacert 
  • Examen (LegalPrecision) 
  • LBR-Ras (Legal Bill Review) 
  • Legal Cost Control 
  • Litigation Advisor (LSS) 
  • Miratech Collaborati 
  • Quovant
  • Serengeti 
  • Tymetrix 360

Our team sends bills electronically, fax and paper copies.

The team interacts with clients, attorney and each other to create excellent support to those that they work with.  They regularly investigate and follow up on billing questions.

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