Employment and Public Sector Law

Employment Law

MVP has extensive experience and expertise in its employment law practice. We provide services in a wide spectrum of employment relations, including client counselling, administrative standards compliance, labor negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and employment litigation. We represent large as well as small employers and corporations, governmental entities, and educational institutions in all aspects of employment-related legal matters.

We advise clients of both new legislation and developments in existing law. We apprise them of specific topics in order to avoid litigation and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Presentations are aimed at effective employment management and compliance in the areas of employee responsibility, behavior and discipline.

We counsel clients through issues regularly faced by employers by providing quick and practical solutions. Our advice is based upon knowledge of applicable law, educated judgment and years of experience.

We assist clients in the implementation and drafting of documents in order to be in compliance with federal and state law, including documentation of investigations and performance issues, policies, manuals, handbooks, employee agreements, severance agreements and releases, termination letters and warning notices.

MVP often works proactively with employers in an effort to avoid, when possible, legal issues.

Education Law

MVP approaches the practice of school law as a cooperative partnership with each educational institution. MVP uses its extensive experience in dealing with all areas of educational law to be proactive in providing guidance and counsel for its clients. MVP is responsive and available to its clients as issues arise. We recognize that each educational institution is unique and work to help develop strategies and policies designed to assist the client to achieve its goals with minimal exposure. In all aspects, MVP shares in the ultimate goal of each educational client in serving the needs of its students.

Municipal Law

Our success in representing the public sector is the result of our fundamental belief that we are not only responsible to the governing body of the public entity but to the citizens of the community they serve.

MVP has vast experience in dealing with public employment-related issues, including collective bargaining discussions, labor contract issues, terminations and non-renewals, due process hearings, EEOC investigations, employment discrimination matters, workers’ compensation cases, unemployment hearings and other employment-related matters. This includes matters covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Equal Pay Act of 1963, Age Discrimination Employment Act, Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as numerous other state and federal laws and regulations governing educational institutions and other public agencies.

General Counsel

MVP has been serving as general counsel for public sector, as well as private sector, clients since the inception of the firm in 1901. As general counsel, firm attorneys attend regular board and administrative cabinet meetings and provide advice, opinions and guidance on a daily basis on all types of legal matters. Firm attorneys serving as general counsel make themselves available at all hours and it is not uncommon for an attorney to respond to a legal issue during the evening or on weekends as the public entity cannot control when a legal issue requiring advice may arise.

MVP has also been involved with contracting for all types of employee-related insurance issues including the provision of health, dental, disability and life insurance whether offered as standalone benefits or as part of a cafeteria plan. MVP has assisted clients with issues related to workers’ compensation including the operation of self-insured plans. The firm has drafted and assisted in the creation of benefit plans, including cafeteria plans. The firm has worked with clients to ensure compliance with regulations pertaining to 403b plans and frequently reviews contracts for the provision of health insurance and other benefits. Guidance has also been given in interpretation of new rules relating to the employment of individuals receiving benefits under retirement plans. With each change in the law, be it a modification to COBRA or a change in the requirements for dealing with FLSA, MVP strives to keep its clients current and in compliance with the law.

When employment disputes occur, firm attorneys assist throughout the alternative dispute resolution process and, if necessary, provide representation in front of state, federal and administrative adjudication proceedings. The firm’s attorneys have appeared before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, state and local employment commissions, and the Department of Labor in all types of discrimination, Family and Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and OSHA claims.

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