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Administrative Support

At the heart of MVP is our all-in-one administrative team, our unsung heroes who coordinate everything from billing arrangements and human resources to marketing and litigation support. They’re the incomparable machine—the paramount nuts and bolts that allow our attorneys to thrive, making MVP the most preeminent firm in the Midwest.

Human Resources
Our human resources team creates staffing schedules while managing staffing and recruiting, new employee onboarding, employee relations, and insurance and benefits. The team communicates changes in the firm’s personnel policies and procedures and ensures compliance while helping families understand the complexities of insurance and benefits.

Finance & Billing
From developing and implementing strategies to efficient bill pay, our finance and billing teams work directly with clients and vendors to ensure experts, expenses and witnesses are coordinated properly with attorney teams. MVP has the capabilities, experience and resources to submit bills via email or a third-party billing software.

Information Technology
When the needs arise to serve our clients through technology, MVP delivers every time. Our litigation support team assists during trials, decrypting information for cases and protecting confidential data. The firm incorporates technologically advanced software, equipment and resources, investing in cutting-edge technology to create firm-wide efficiency and improve accessibility and communication.

Business Development and Marketing
If you’ve ever attended an MVP Seminar, you know how hard our marketing team works. The marketing team is present at seminars and conferences across the country and plans annual employment law and workers’ compensation seminars held in Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, Tulsa and Des Moines. They understand continuing education guidelines for Oklahoma and Texas adjusters’ credits, as well as HRCI and SHRM credits and attorney continuing legal education.

We take client guideline compliance seriously, which is why we have our own administrative procedures and compliance coordinator who communicates with attorney teams about client guidelines, providing training and conducting internal spot audits to ensure protocols are followed and matters are moving toward resolution.

Our facilities team oversees the function of all eight of our offices. From negotiating print and copy leases to security, maintenance and coordinating the retrieval of archived matters, our facilities team does it all.

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