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Public Sector Law

MVP has provided legal services and advice to the public sector for over 100 years. Many of our long-standing client relationships are with municipal and county governments, school districts, non-profits and utilities. As a result, we have come to understand the specific challenges faced by the public sector, including public accountability and ethical integrity, multiple funding systems, and complex governance structures.

MVP is keenly attuned to recognizing and addressing matters involving the public sector. From accreditation and collective bargaining to freedom of speech, records and enrollment, MVP has vast experience providing general legal services to educational institutions and municipalities both as general counsel and as special counsel for particular matters or issues involving school and public law, administrative law and special education law.

Municipal Law

Our experience in municipal law encompasses proceedings involving discipline, demotion, discharge, retaliation, conduct, contract interpretation, unit certification and decertification, work schedules and hours, job bidding, overtime, on call and call out pay, arbitrability, assignment of work, bargaining unit work, holiday and holiday pay, vacation, compensatory time, sick leave, job classification, management rights, past practices, promotions, rate of pay, residency, off duty employment, drug and alcohol testing and policies, seniority, shift hours, transfer, work week changes, schedule changes and work performance. We also represent our clients in labor arbitrations and administrative actions before the Public Employer Retirement Board.

Education Law

MVP works with clients to establish policies and procedures for dealing with the various issues that can arise involving employees, students and families, and then works to train staff on how to implement and follow these procedures to ensure compliance. We also work with various regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with legislative mandates, including those related to gender equity under Title IX, as well as special education statutes such as the IDEA or Section 504 and other legislation such as the ADA, Title I, NCLB, FERPA and McKinney-Vento.

School personnel frequently consult with firm attorneys when developing policies and procedures for the provision of special education services, and firm attorneys often provide legal guidance during the development of IEPs. Firm attorneys also draft or review contracts with outside agencies for the provision of services.

If issues involving students end up in litigation, MVP has extensive experience in handling litigation whether it involves issues of academic freedom in the classroom, free speech in a school newspaper/website, accommodations in the provision of services, or gender equity in athletic programs.

General Counsel
MVP has served as general counsel for both the public and private sectors since our inception in 1901. Our attorneys attend regular board and administrative cabinet meetings and provide advice, opinions and guidance on a daily basis on all types of legal matters.

Open Records and Open Meetings

MVP attorneys are familiar with open meeting, open record and other requirements imposed upon public entities.  MVP attorneys regularly draft and review policies, legislation, regulations and contracts of all types including inter-governmental agreements.  MVP attorneys also appear and testify before state legislative bodies and agencies on behalf of clients.  In addition, MVP is proficient at making statements to the press and other members of the public.  MVP strives to be proactive in its representation by providing information and training as developments in the law occur. MVP is well versed in all areas of the law and capable of responding quickly and appropriately to the day to day needs of its clients.


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