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James P. Wolf

James Wolf is a shareholder at McAnany, Van Cleave and Phillips.  Mr. Wolf began his legal career at MVP as an associate attorney in 2003.  Mr. Wolf defends employers and insurance carriers in workers’ compensation cases.

Mr. Wolf successfully represents and defends employers and insurance carriers in all types of workers’ compensation cases for both Kansas and Missouri.  His success in the courtroom extends to many defenses including, termination for cause, notice requirements, drug and alcohol defenses, safety defenses, and prevailing factor of the alleged injury.

A shareholder with MVP, he speaks on many issues including defenses to employ with workers’ compensation injuries, investigation tools for workers’ compensation injuries, medicare set-aside trust accounts, and best practices to employ with new work injuries.

When Mr. Wolf is not engaging in the practice of law he enjoys reading, going to the dog park, and playing tennis.