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Katie M. Clifford

Katie Clifford is a shareholder at McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips.  She has been practicing law for 16 years, all of which have been with MVP.  Katie defends workers compensation claims in Kansas and Missouri. She enjoys working with employers, carriers, medical providers, opposing attorneys, and unrepresented claimants, in order to bring claims to a full resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Katie recognizes the most important part of resolving claims, or defending them aggressively, is to be fully aware of who you are working with (or against), and to take a team approach to resolution. From the judges, to the claimant’s attorneys, to her clients, Katie is always looking to find a resolution plan that suits the parties involved and the issues in litigation. This approach keeps the files moving relatively quickly and makes for a busy and fast paced working environment, which Katie appreciates. When cases cannot be resolved quickly, Katie likes litigating difficult issues in a hearing setting. When it is worth going to a hearing, it is usually for an interesting set of facts or over complicated medical/legal arguments.

Other than visiting with her clients about claims, compensability issues, and life, Katie also enjoys educating employers and claims representatives on Kansas and Missouri workers compensation laws, practical handling tips, as well as overlapping issues such as subrogation and employment matters. Katie likes to get to know who she is working with and make certain everyone feels comfortable moving forward, both with her style of defense, as well as the overall claim handling approach she takes. She is always happy to have a one on one or large group training session to discuss work comp 101 or new case developments.

When she is not working, Katie is running after her three kids, who continue to grow up even though she has asked them to stop. While she is usually on the go, for work or family, she is accessible and happy to take a call or email whenever she can. Katie enjoys being helpful and taking care of others, which makes her work at MVP and her work at home a nice balance.