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Experience the difference of a not-so-typical law firm

When you picture a law firm, what do you see? Rich mahogany, leather-bound books, intimidating boardrooms? And how does a typical lawyer behave? Conservative, black-and-white, rigid?

Just as technology is changing consumer behavior and demand, the evolving demographics are altering how clients want to work with their attorneys. This so-called “new law” is driving the demand for a refreshing new way of providing legal services to clients. While there are plenty of large insurance and employer defense firms that embody that rigid and unyielding approach, we’ve always worked to forge our own path to meet our clients’ needs. We’ve never been too concerned with how others do it.

Taking the path less followed

A large part of our success comes from building solid client relationships, which then builds confidence and a sense of trust. We do that by serving as creative problem-solvers, never satisfied with the status quo, and always finding openings within the parameters of the law. This type of approach is not only more productive for our insurance and employer clients, it’s being demanded by them, as Michael Siebold shares in LegalWeek:

“Clients are looking for resourceful lawyers who can provide creative solutions to complex challenges. This goes further than simply having commercial acumen, it is a more dynamic mindset than would previously have been expected of legal professionals.”

Siebold goes on to share that a key attribute of these resourceful lawyers is agility—being able to quickly adapt to changing client needs while always remaining ethical and truthful. This shift is moving many large companies and their general counsel away from a traditional model of legal services and instead toward the prioritization of the advice and insights from attorneys approaching the problem from a new angle.

No risk, no reward

Law firms are also notoriously risk-averse. This is not surprising, given the high stakes that come with many cases and clients. But as anyone with corporate experience knows, a smart risk here and there can lead to new success—and smart lawyers help their clients through those litigation risks by providing legal counsel that complements their risk tolerance.

Josh King elaborates for Lawyernomics:

“Unlike criminal law, the vast majority of corporate counseling work involves dealing with grey areas: Will doing X increase the likelihood of getting sued? Will not doing Y cause regulators to ask questions?  … If the business sees its attorney as part of the team, someone who is working to grow the business and help it take smart risks, they’re going to be far likelier to run things by that attorney—and far likelier to listen on those occasions where the attorney needs to tell them no. And that’s a much better result for client and lawyer alike.”

We often describe ourselves as calm and steady—but also fearless. Our attorneys are attentive, knowledgeable and, most important, ready to find the options you never knew you had. By weighing the potential risks against the potential for benefit, we can make a more educated decision about what’s best for you and your company.

It’s an approach that has served us well since 1901, and we enjoy shattering all of those preconceived stereotypes of law firms and lawyers. Because while we may look like a typical law firm, we’re not. And if you look closely, the differences are easy to spot.

Byron Bowles is president and CEO at MVP Law.Founded in 1901, MVP confidently serves clients throughout the Midwest, delivering creative solutions in the public and private sectors through workers’ compensation defense, civil litigation, insurance defense, and employment and labor law. MVP is never satisfied with the status quo, and for more than a century has found success through hard work, perseverance and passion for the law. Share your thoughts on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter @MVPLaw