New 2019 Rates for Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Illinois Rates Coming Soon!

The 2019 IRS Mileage Rate has increased to $0.58 per mile from $0.545 in 2018.

Arkansas Rates

Total Disability has increased to $695.00.

Permanent Partial Disability has increased to $521.00.

Nebraska Rates

The Maximum Weekly Income Benefit has increased to $855.00.

Oklahoma Rates

Temporary Total Disability Maximum rate has increased to $607.40.

Permanent Total Disability and Death rate has increased to $867.71.

2019 Arkansas Rate Card

2018 Illinois Rate Card

2018 Iowa Rate Card

2018 Kansas Rate Card

2018 Missouri Rate Card

**Please note our Missouri rate card has changed. The State has revised the mileage rate to $0.515. This rate is active for July 1, 2018 to June 30th, 2019.

2019 Nebraska Rate Card

2019 Oklahoma Rate Card

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